Friday Faves: The Mandoline Edition

For those of us with less than desirable knife skills (read: very slow with uneven cuts and, let’s face it, prone to getting very close to losing a fingertip territory), the mandoline is the magical kitchen tool you never knew you needed. For those of you who know your way around a knife, the mandoline provides a fast way to guarantee an even cut every time.

It’s Friday, which means we’ll be talking about a product we can’t live without in our kitchen and recipes we can’t wait to try.

Meet the mandoline. For the uninitiated to the mandoline club, not only does it guarantee a uniform cut but it’s a huge time saver when you’re cutting something in mass quantity for, say, a ratatouie or a crazy amount of onions you need to carmelize. As an added bonus to those of us who aren’t professional chefs who can perfectly cut anything with their eyes closed, the mandoline produces a precise cut.

Our mandoline got a great workout when we made these sweet potato fries with basil salt and a lemon garlic dipping sauce. You can really see what a uniform cut it created, which made it possible for the fries to bake evenly.

We’re constantly discovering amazing looking food and new bloggers on Foodgawker and Tastespotting, and these two recipes especially had us asking each other, “how good does that look?”

Kyle’s pick: Jennifer Joyce’s Blood Orange and Palm Heart Salad
Why we can’t wait to try it: With avocados and oranges, this salad looks light and refreshing — perfect for the freakishly warm March weather we’re experiencing in Indianapolis.

Lauren’s pick: Naturally Ella’s Brussel Sprout, Fig and Feta Ravioli
Why we can’t wait to try it: When time allows, we love making our own pasta and this recipe gives us the perfect excuse to try a lighter ravioli since it’s been in the 70s lately.

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